The Breast Center

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The Breast Center at Providence Hospital offers a wide range of breast imaging. Screening and diagnostic digital mammography is performed on state of the art equipment. Breast Ultrasound and Breast MRI are also available to aid in diagnosis of breast cancer or breast symptoms.

Registration for a mammogram or any other breast procedure is done at the desk in the Outpatient Department. Following registration, you change into a gown and a questionnaire will be filled out with information on your past history. When this is complete, a technologist will take you to a mammography suite designed to make you feel at ease. The technologist will explain and perform the test and a Radiologist who specializes in Breast Health will interpret your study and send results to your referring physician.

breast center photoIf biopsy of the breast is needed, the Breast Center offers core needle biopsy through Ultrasound, Stereotactic, or MRI guidance. This type of biopsy is minimally invasive and the patient may return to normal activity quickly. The results of a biopsy come back within a matter of days. The patient will be scheduled for a return visit with the Radiologist to discuss the results and follow up recommendations.

The Breast Center at Providence Hospital is proud to offer the services of our Breast Cancer Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator navigates the patient and their family members through the many phases of the breast cancer diagnosis. The patient has many resources at her fingertips to answer questions about education, diagnosis and treatment options.

What To Expect

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After registration, you will be directed into the Breast Center waiting area. There you will be escorted to a changing room to undress from the waist up and put on a cloth gown. Our receptionist will then review your personal history sheet and make changes if needed. A registered technologist will come and take you to a comfortable exam room for the test. A screening mammogram consists of 4 standard views and takes about 10-15 min. You will receive your results in the mail usually within 1-2 weeks. A diagnostic mammogram consists of the same 4 standard views but includes extra views if needed. The Radiologist reads this study while you wait and this usually takes 20-45 min. You receive your results before you leave.

Contact Information

Breast Center Scheduling
(251) 633-1196

Breast Center Coordinator
(251) 266-3577