The Sleep Center

the sleep centerMost people take sleep for granted until they suffer from sleep problems. While it’s widely associated with accidents, not getting a good night’s rest can lead to many other health issues including heart problems. Our professional staff strives to meet the needs of the whole person. We are committed to the highest level of service excellence. Once we solve your sleep needs you and your family will sleep easier.

A sleep study is an examination that is ordered by a sleep physician to understand why a patient may not be getting a good night’s rest. During the overnight sleep study, bring everything you need for your bedtime routine, such as pajamas, toothbrush and any nighttime medications. Upon arriving, a sleep technician will show you to a private comfortable room. We want you to feel at ease during the test so that the information gathered will be similar to a night’s sleep in your own home.The sleep technician will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Remember; don’t be afraid to ask questions. Multiple sensors will be applied that will monitor your heart rate, breathing, leg movement, and brain activity; attaching these sensors takes approximately 30-45 minutes and none of these sensors are dangerous or painful. Now you are ready for bed.

the sleep centerAfter the sleep study is complete, you will have a follow up with your sleep physician to discuss the results and treatment plan to improve your sleep health. Patients are then followed to tract their progress. We all want restful sleep. When you get enough sleep, you feel energized, able to cope, solve problems and recover from illnesses faster. Our commitment to improve your sleep needs continue even after the sleep study.

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