Interventional Procedures

interventional procedure photoInterventional radiology and image-guided procedures is a department of radiology where Radiologists diagnose and/or treat diseases without surgery. Radiologists use fluoroscope (real-time x-rays), CT and Ultrasound for guidance. This allows radiologists to deliver medications directly to a disease site, open blocked blood vessels, obtain biopsies and perform a variety of other procedures.

Prior to your procedure one of our Board Certified Radiologists will discuss with you and your family the details concerning your procedure including risks and benefits. The radiologist will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Your procedure should be scheduled by your primary care physician. Procedures are scheduled Monday through Friday. Please note that your appointment time does not reflect the time of your procedure but the time you are scheduled to register and start the pre-procedure process.

Please bring with you to the hospital all paperwork and films given to you by your physician. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before your procedure with the exception of a small amount of water for taking your oral medicines. Plan to be at the hospital the entire day. Some procedures will require an overnight stay.

interventional procedure photoYou will register in the hospital’s main lobby located at the front of the hospital. You will be escorted to a room in the Short Stay Unit. This room will provide you and your family comfort during your stay. Our Short Stay nurse will complete a detailed patient history upon your arrival to the unit. Some procedures will require lab work and/or an IV.

Interventional procedures are performed in the Radiology Department. The radiologist will review your medical history and discuss the procedure with you and your family. Your family will then be directed to a waiting room.

Your procedure will be done in one of our Radiology suites. You will lie on a table and be connected to monitors that will assess your vital signs during the procedure. We will make you as comfortable as possible. The radiology nurse/technologist will remain with you at all times. It is very important for you to remain still and follow instructions. The procedures vary in length. A post procedure explanation may be provided by the Radiologist and/or nurse at the end of the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, you will return to the Short Stay Unit, where you will be cared for until discharged by the Radiologist.

Your results will be sent to your physician to share with you. Should you have any post procedure questions or concerns, please contact your referring physician.

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