Providence Island

Providence Pediatrics Nurse's StationHospitals can be scary places. Unfamiliar surroundings, complicated-looking machinery, people with sharp objects—it’s enough to make anyone a bit weak in the knees. Imagine, then, how a hospital must feel to a child, who even at home imagines monsters under the bed. Fortunately, at Providence Hospital, we remember what being a kid is like.

Our 16-room pediatric unit,  “Providence Island,” features a kid-friendly nautical design. The nurse’s station is a boat, its prow jutting through a shimmering blue lagoon. A column in the middle of the nurse’s station is a palm tree, complete with long green fronds brushing the ceiling.  Each room has a “porthole” on its door and another behind the headboard of the bed, and each porthole has its own scene, such as a starfish, a dolphin or a sailboat.

Providence Pediatrics Play AreaThe décor really does help our young patients relax and feel more comfortable. Also, each room features a VCR and a DVD player, so a favorite cartoon or movie can help distract attention from the nurse with the big scary needle. Kid-friendly materials, like the blue rubberized floor and scrubbable fabrics, keep the unit looking bright and fresh.

Funds for the 2003 renovation of the Pediatrics unit were provided by the Festival of Flowers, the Providence Foundation’s garden and flower show.

No kid wants to be in the hospital, but the caring crew on Providence Island works hard to make the experience as painless as possible. Now if we only could do something about those needles