Innovative Design

People who see Providence Hospital for the first time often ask, “Why does your building look like it does?”

Certainly, our patient tower is distinctive.  But its unusual appearance is a clear example of “form following function.”  Designed by noted Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg, our innovative facility is like no other hospital in the region.

Patient units, or “pods,” at Providence are built in a circular configuration, with most having sixteen patient rooms located around a central nurses’ station.  This means that no room is more than nine feet from the nursing station.  Each floor has three patient pods, with a fourth pod housing elevators, waiting areas and other support services.  This layout results in a “four-leaf clover” profile.

What does this mean for our patients?  Unprecendented access to nursing care.  It’s all part of our mission – a mission to serve, to care and to heal.