Emergency Services

Providence Hospital is a leader in emergency care, with over 50,000 emergency visits per year – more than any other full-service hospital in our community. At Providence, we pioneered the concept in Mobile of a dedicated Chest Pain Emergency Center, committed to early heart attack care.

Our Emergency Department is a Level 2 trauma facility, meaning that  an emergency department physician is available at all times and specialty physicians are available on an on-call basis.

The Emergency Department and Chest Pain Center entrance is on the west side of the hospital, and this entrance can accessed directly via Foreman Road Extension.

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department of Providence Hospital is staffed by physicians board certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. The Medical Director, Dr. Steve Bowden, has practiced emergency medicine since 1978, and is regional medical director for Southwest Alabama Emergency Medical Services. He is also the medical director of Bishop State Community College’s EMT training program. The emergency physicians at Providence are also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support. Many of the physicians are certified as life support instructors.

All of the nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and many have acquired additional certification in Pediatric Life Support and trauma.

The Emergency Department provides service to patients with all levels of illness, from cardiac arrest to minor injuries. We function as medical control center for all the local pre-hospital care providers, as well as providing medical control to several rural providers. Specialists in all areas of medicine are available, including cardiology, neurosurgery, plastic and hand surgery.

We offer a minor care area to better serve patients with less severe conditions. This area has greatly improved our ability to provide care. We have also implemented protocols to expedite the care of patients with cardiac illness.

Our continued growth is the best indication of the community’s confidence in the care we provide. We are proud to serve Mobile and the surrounding community.

Chest Pain Center

Providence introduced Mobile to the concept of early heart attack care in a dedicated Chest Pain Emergency Center. Our five-bay facility is designed to offer rapid diagnosis and treatment to patients with chest pain.

More than 60% of all heart attack victims have the early warning signs of a pending attack hours, even days, before the actual attack occurs. If you or a loved one are experiencing chest pain symptoms, please do not ignore them. The sooner the treatment begins, the better chance you will have of a full recovery. And if it’s a false alarm, won’t you feel better knowing everything is OK?

The Chest Pain Emergency Center is open twenty-four hours a day, every day, and is accessed through the Emergency Department entrance.