While You Are In The Hospital

Rooming In

Unless your baby requires the extra medical attention available in our Level II Special Care Nursery, he or she will be in the room with you most of the time, sleeping in a crib beside your bed. Whenever possible, nurses conduct tests, bathe your baby, and check weights and other measurements in your room, rather than bringing the baby to the nursery. Rooming in has been shown to strengthen the mother-baby bond and help mothers learn their babies’ feeding cues and newborn needs. Also, most new moms will sleep better with baby in a crib beside her bed.

Safe and Secure

Providence Hospital takes special precautions to make sure your baby is safe and to prevent infant abduction:

Identification Bracelets – Your baby has two identification bracelets with numbers that match the ones on your bracelet. These numbers will be verified with you as they are placed on your baby in the delivery room. The father, significant other or coach is also given a matching band stating that this is the only other person who may pick up the infant from the nursery. Do not remove your baby’s identification bands or the ones you are wearing. Please remind your spouse or significant other not to cut his band off. We will not give a newborn to anyone without a band on his or her wrist. If the bands loosen or come off, please tell your nurse. Make sure you check your baby’s I.D. bracelet EVERY TIME your newborn is taken to the nursery and brought back to you.

Security Transmitter – Your newborn will also have a security transmitter placed on his or her ankle for safety. If someone tries to remove the transmitter from the baby’s ankle, the elevators and stairs are locked down. Do not open, remove or tamper with this transmitter! If for some reason the transmitter becomes soiled, loose or disconnected, please let your nurse know immediately.

Badges – A staff member will need to return your baby to the nursery at certain times for nursing assessments, procedures and physical examinations but you should not allow anyone without the proper identification to remove your baby from your room.  All Maternity staff will be wearing Providence Hospital I.D. badge with a pink stripe.

Bassinet Card – A bassinet card is located at the head of the baby’s bassinet. Keep this card there until the baby goes home.

Watchful Eyes – Never leave your baby unattended. When you use the bathroom, please take the baby with you, or have family, friends or your nurse watch him/her for you. When taking a shower or leaving the floor, call a staff member for assistance if no family member is available to watch your infant.

Quiet Time

We encourage our families to observe Quiet Time from 2:00 –  4:00 p.m. every day so that parents can rest and get to know their new baby. We ask that friends and other family schedule their visits for a time other than Quiet Time hours.

Birth Certificate

Before you go home with your new baby, an associate from the Providence Medical Records Department will visit your room to complete the paperwork for the baby’s birth certificate. Please print and complete the application and bring it with you to the hospital. For instructions on how to obtain a legal copy of your child’s birth record, visit www.adph.org and click the “Certificates, Licenses & Permits” tab.

Newborn Photos

Your baby’s first portrait will be taken by Wee Additions Photography and be available online through a password-protected secure website. Parents will be given a link, a username and personal password for the Wee Additions site when their baby’s photo is taken. For more information, call (251) 633-1577.

To You From Us

Having a baby is such an exciting life event and we want to help commemorate that special day. You will receive a keepsake birth certificate along with two cute, one-of-a-kind buttons to show off the precious footprints of your little one. Extra footprint buttons and additional keepsakes are available for purchase in the hospital gift shop. And for a special celebration, you and your significant other will be treated to a complimentary delicious steak dinner the evening of the first full day following delivery.