Delivery Day

The nursery is ready, your bag is packed and the car seat is installed. Soon, all those weeks and months of waiting to meet your precious one will soon be over.

Providence Hospital is located at 6801 Airport Blvd., Mobile 36685. If you are having a scheduled C-section or induction, please park in any of our visitor parking lots, enter the main entrance to the hospital, take the elevators to the 7th Floor and follow the signs. Otherwise, enter through the Emergency Department. Be sure to bring your photo ID and insurance information.

What Happens Next?

You will register and be escorted to a room by the nurse assigned to your care. You’ll change into a hospital gown and the nurse will assess the condition of you and your baby. She’ll start an IV, begin fetal monitoring and discuss any restrictions related to your care. She will also discuss your birth plan and pain management options with you.


You may choose who is allowed in your room during your stay at Providence and especially during labor and delivery. The wellbeing of you and your baby are the top priority, however, so visitors may be restricted at any time it becomes necessary. A comfortable family waiting area with TV, wireless internet, restrooms and vending machines that accepts debit/credit cards is located on the 7th Floor. Please note that guests visiting between 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. must enter the hospital through the Emergency Department entrance only.

Eating and Drinking Restrictions

Eating and drinking are usually restricted before a scheduled delivery and during labor in a non-scheduled delivery. Ice chips will be provided and post-delivery meals will be ordered by your doctor.

Photos and Video

Photos and videos of you and your family may be taken while you are in labor, but are prohibited during delivery. Please ask any staff members for permission before including them in your photos or video. Their focus is on the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby, so please understand if they decline.


As soon as the baby is born, the nurse will place him or her belly-down on your chest. The baby will be dried off, covered with a warm blanket and a hat, and placed skin-to-skin on your bare chest beneath your hospital gown for at least an hour. The first few hours after birth are an important time for you and your baby to get to know one another, and snuggling skin-to-skin will help that bonding experience. It will also help your baby stay warmer, cry less and maintain more stable vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood sugar and blood pressure. This is also the best time to try to breastfeed your baby. After skin-to-skin time, your nurse will bundle your baby and get her read to meet the rest of the family.