Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes

We know that delivering a baby is much more than timing contractions. Our job is to not only make sure your baby arrives safe and sound, but to support you during these precious days as you get to know and learn how to care for this new little person.

Childbirth Education Classes

Knowing what to expect can alleviate any anxiety a woman has about labor and delivery. To answer all your questions, we offer several childbirth classes. We also offer a special siblings class to help prepare big brothers and sisters for the arrival of the new baby. Early registration is highly encouraged as these classes fill up quickly and a nominal fee is charged for most. Plan to register by the 28th week of pregnancy and complete your classes by your 37th week. For more information about childbirth classes, call 251-266-1749.

Prepared Childbirth – This class meets weekly for three weeks to help prepare you and your partner for the birthing process. This class is taught by experienced obstetrics nurses and is perfect for first-time parents. A tour of our women’s center is included.

Childbirth Class Express – The six-hour, one-day course is a condensed version of the Prepared Childbirth Class and is ideal for moms who need a refresher course on the delivery experience. This class is not suited for moms desiring a non-medicated delivery.

Newborn Care – This one-night class helps prepare new parents to care for their new baby with special emphasis on the first few weeks at home. The course is ideal as a companion to our Prepared Childbirth class or as a refresher for experienced parents.

Super Sibling Class – This fun and interactive class prepares soon-to-be siblings ages 3 to 10 for the arrival of a new baby in their family. A tour of our Women’s Center is included and parents are asked to attend.

Infant CPR – This class will teach new parents and caregivers of newborns, infants and young children how to perform CPR in an emergency. Please note that this class is an orientation to CPR and is not a certification or credentialing course.

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Comprehensive Lactation Services

Breastfeeding is an incredible gift to your baby that offers countless benefits for her health and development and for Mom, too. But while breastfeeding is a natural process, it is also a learned skill, so we have a board certified Lactation Consultant on staff to assist new mothers with proper latching techniques, answer questions and address concerns. She is also available for follow-up appointments and consultations once you are at home.  Our free breastfeeding class is another resource that will help prepare you and your partner for a successful beginning of your breastfeeding journey.  For more information about breastfeeding, call 251-266-1749.

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