Teenage Volunteers

Teenage Volunteers

Boys and girls ages 14 – 18 who have completed the 8th grade and who have maintained a “C” average or above are invited to join our dynamic group of enthusiastic teen volunteers. Teenage volunteers work at least one day per week (Monday – Thursday) in the months of June and July performing clerical duties, assisting in surgery waiting rooms, delivering supplies and helping the hospital staff.

If you’re a teenager interested in volunteering at Providence, please read carefully the information below.

The first step in becoming a teen volunteer is to complete and submit an application. Every year we receive many more applications than we can accept, so please submit your application as soon as possible to be considered for summer placement.

With the application form, you will also need to submit a signed Confidentiality Statement, two reference forms completed and signed by a teacher or school counselor, a copy of your most recent report card, a completed and signed Medical Release Liability Form. A parent must co-sign your application and the Confidentiality Statement.

Providence Hospital is fortunate to have so many young men and women interested in our teenage volunteer program. We usually receive far more applications than we can accept and have found it necessary to limit the number of applications accepted. We want to make sure that your volunteer experience is valuable to you and that you are kept busy while during your shifts. Limiting the number of teen volunteers accepted into the program each year enables us to provide each teen with a rewarding experience.

After your application is accepted, you and a parent will be required to attend one of two scheduled orientation and training sessions. A hospital is a highly regulated environment and volunteers must follow all regulations and guidelines related to our patients’ rights to safety and privacy just like regular employees. A great deal of time is invested in your training, so we ask that you commit to 20 hours of service during your summer term as a volunteer.  Be sure that you can fulfill your commitment to your volunteer service. Consider other time commitments you might have this summer, such as band camp, family vacations, etc. If you cannot complete at least 20 hours of service, we will not issue a certificate nor verify that you volunteered as part of your application for scholarships, school groups like the National Honor Society, and others, and you will not be eligible to participate in the program again.

Our teenage volunteers are considered to be part of the Providence team and are expected to represent the hospital in a professional manner. Following the mandatory dress code is part of that commitment. Our teenage volunteers wear red scrubs.  Once you have been selected as a teen volunteer, you will receive details on how to be fitted for your scrubs. They can be purchased for about $32 at Uniforms By Bayou. Clean tennis shoes are worn with the scrubs. Hairstyles must be conservative and no perfume, aftershave or visible tattoos are permitted.

Questions? Call the Volunteer Office at (251) 266-1335.