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Basic Diabetes Class

The Diabetes Center offers a basic diabetes class which includes information that you need to control blood sugars in a shorter session for people that have time restraints or who may have trouble sitting for longer periods of time. The class covers content areas recommended by the American Diabetes Association, including:


  • Diabetes disease process and treatment options
  • Incorporating nutritional management into one’s lifestyle
  • Incorporating physical activity into one’s lifestyle
  • Using medications safely and for maximum therapeutic effects
  • Monitoring blood glucose/other parameters and using results
  • Preventing, detecting, and treating high and low blood sugars
  • Preventing, detecting, and treating risk factors for further complications
  • Developing personal strategies to address psychosocial issues/concerns
  • Developing personal strategies to promote health and behavior change


The basic diabetes class is offered weekly on Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Evening sessions are available on a quarterly basis.  A buffet meal is included.  You may bring a family member or significant other to the class, and they may eat the meal at no charge, since they are your guest. 


An individualized meal plan will be developed for you, which describes the amount of carbohydrate that you need at each meal based on your age, activity level, height and weight.  The buffet lunch is provided for practical hands-on experience to learn more about carbohydrates.


A blood sugar testing kit will be provided to you in the class, if you do not have one.  Suggestions regarding how to best obtain blood sugar testing supplies based on your insurance will be discussed with you.


A follow-up session will be scheduled one month after your class.  The purpose is to see how you are doing and answer any questions that you may have.  Quarterly update sessions are offered to give you the support you need to stay on track.

Ask your doctor to refer you to the Diabetes Center. For scheduling, call  (251) 633-1987.

BASIC Class is a ½ day plus a follow-up Friday Class Review is scheduled in 3–4 weeks

Where:   Building D (next to Providence Hospital), Suite 436

When: Class is held on Thursday

Time:  8:30am-1:00pm - lunch will be served), Friday Class Review (8:30am–9:30 am)

Please Bring (if you have them)

Glucose Meter, Blood Sugar RecordsPrescription for a Glucose Meter, Referral Form from your doctor, List of any Medications you are taking with the dosage and time, Health Questionnaire, Insurance Cards, we will file charges with your insurance.  It is important that you check with your insurance company and ask what they cover for Diabetes Education CPT Code G0109.


We do not encourage the presence of children. We have staff and other patients with allergies, so please refrain from wearing perfume. You may bring a sweater or light jacket, the classroom is sometimes cool.

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