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The Diabetes Center at Providence Hospital

The Diabetes Center provides a complete knowledge base and individualized care plans for people with diabetes so that they are able to have a high quality of life, make informed decisions, and successfully control their diabetes.


If requested, please print, complete and bring the following information with you to the Diabetes Center

Diabetes Center Health Questionnaire (if you have diabetes)

Medical Nutrition Therapy Questionnaire (MNT) (if you do not have diabetes)

Diabetes Class

  • One-day class offered each week on Tuesday or Thursday 8:30am - 3pm
  • Taught by Certified Diabetes Educators: a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian
  • Includes a buffet lunch for you and one guest

Diabetes Individual Appointment

One-hour consultation, available in area of need such as:


Carbohydrate Counting

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Insulin Instruction


Insulin Pump

The Diabetes Center at Providence Hospital is the center of excellence in diabetes education services in Mobile and surrounding areas.  In 1987 we were the first education program in Alabama to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting National Standards for diabetes self-management education.  The Diabetes Center also offers Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Services for any medical condition (with or without diabetes), upon physician referral.


If you think that you may have diabetes, take the American Diabetes Association Risk Test. Diabetes affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin, a hormone that allows blood glucose (blood sugar) to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy.  Diabetes can be controlled and it is important to know if you have risk factors that contribute to it’s development. 

  • 29.1 million Americans are affected
  • 8.1 million Americans are not aware that they diabetes
  • 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes

High Quality Comprehensive Services

The Diabetes Center at Providence is strongly committed to providing a caring, individualized, multidisciplinary team approach to the unique health problems encountered by people with diabetes.  Our goal is to empower people with diabetes and their families to become knowledgeable, active participants in their health care.


Group and individual sessions are available.  The center is staffed with Diabetes Nurse Educators and Nutritionists who are also Certified Diabetes Educators.  Services provided by the Diabetes Center are approved by most insurance carriers, including Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Please contact your insurance company about your individual policy information and reimbursement.  Ask your physician to refer you to the Diabetes Center.


In the Diabetes Center programs, you learn to achieve a high quality of life by managing your diabetes.  Sessions are guided by the latest guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. 

Contact Information

For more information please call the Diabetes Center at (251) 633-1987.

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